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Getting started with Fathom

How to best connect and set up your companies

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How to start using Fathom

πŸ’‘Pro Tip: The above video overviews the workflow for setting up a company in Fathom. For detailed, step-by-step videos on each part of the workflow, please go to the corresponding article.

After starting a Fathom trial, you can import your summary financial data from your source accounting system into Fathom. Fathom connects to:

Not using one of the above source accounting systems?

You'll also have access to a demo company throughout your trial and as part of your Fathom account once you sign up for a subscription. You can invite other users during the trial; a Fathom subscription allows for unlimited users.

Getting Started Checklist

Setting up your company in Fathom starts with connecting to your source accounting system or importing a company into Fathom. Then, you'll want to go through the company's Settings to customise Fathom according to your company's needs.
To get the optimal performance out of Fathom, we suggest adding and setting up a company according to the following workflow:

  1. If you have divisions, import divisional data for divisional analysis and reporting. Divisions include:

  2. Import budget data, if desired.

  3. Review and customise your Chart of Accounts
    πŸ’‘Pro tip: Fathom's calculations are based on how accounts are classified in your Chart of Accounts. While Fathom does its best to mimic the account classification in your source accounting system, it's always a good idea to review your Chart of Accounts after importing a company into Fathom.

  4. Invite other users to share insights.
    πŸ’‘Pro tip: There is no additional cost for adding users to a Fathom account. And you can tailor users' access with advanced user permissions.

Adding a company to your Fathom account

To begin the 'Getting Started Workflow' described in the checklist above, you can choose the source from which you'll be importing your company to learn how to add a company to your Fathom account.

If you've already imported your company into Fathom, you can move on to the next step.

Already imported your company's financials?

What you want to do:

Next step in setup process:

Have classes or locations you want to analyse or report on?

Want to add a budget for your company or switch out the budget that was automatically imported?

Happy with the above and ready to begin setting up your Company Profile?

Additional knowledge & common questions

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