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Getting Started with the Analysis Tools
Getting Started with the Analysis Tools

Tips, tricks, and best practices for using and sharing our online Analysis tools

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What are the Analysis tools and how are they used?

The Fathom Analysis Tools are an interactive and dynamic presentation of your financial and non-financial data. They focus on key business insights such as profitability, cash flow, and growth and are a great way to convey these concepts visually and intuitively.

Because the tools are interactive, many Fathom users find they work great in a boardroom presentation, a screen share or Zoom meeting, or even on a tablet over a coffee.

If you want to create customised reports (either to share via online access or in PDF form), then you can create custom reports in the Report Centre.

💡Pro Tip: Check out our Analysis Tools Overview video for a quick 10-min outline of the Analysis tools.

Types of Analysis Tools

In Fathom, there are 8 Analysis tools available for all companies and consolidated groups.

💡Pro Tip: To get the most out of the Analysis tools, tailor your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to your business or client.

Select an Analysis tool to skip ahead into the 'Analysis Tools Workflow' and learn more.

The Tool

Analysis it performs

Visual of the tool

A summary of the performance of all active KPIs in the entity. Compare KPI performance to Target or prior periods. You're also able to drilldown into individual KPI's performance.

A more visual overview of the performance of your active KPIs. You're able to drilldown into KPI performance as well.

A chart displaying the company's breakeven point and demonstrating a business's potential for profit.

A waterfall chart displaying a company's cash inflows and outflows.

A chart that compares growth metrics against one another to display the growth path of the business over time.

A customisable chart that allows you to view the trend of business metrics and accounts over time.

An interactive tool that enables you to create a plan of action for achieving business goals.

The financial statements for the business, with comparisons to prior periods or the budget.

💡Pro Tip: If viewing a consolidated group or a company with divisions (e.g. classes, locations, tracking categories, etc.), there is also an additional Breakdown tool. For companies included in a benchmark group, the Compare and Rank tools will also be options.

Navigating & Customising the Analysis Tools

There are four main options for every Analysis tool.

Navigation tool

What it does

Change the company or group you’re viewing without leaving the Analysis tools

Choose the Analysis tool you want to view or interact with and download a PDF version of the current tool

Change the period displayed in the current Analysis Tool

Focus on the Analysis tools while presenting or sharing with others by removing the top Fathom navigation bar and presenting in ‘Full screen’ mode

Company Switcher

When you have a lot of companies, consolidations, & benchmark groups to manage in your Fathom account, you can quickly switch to a different company or group whilst staying within the Analysis tools with the Company Finder.

You can access the company switcher by clicking the ‘⌄’ icon next to the entity name in the top left corner of Fathom. You can also open the company switcher by pressing ‘/’ on your keyboard.

The company finder is only available in the Analysis tools, Report Centre, and Forecasting. It's currently not available in the Settings.


The sidebar allows you to select an Analysis tool to view. From the sidebar, you're also able to select the download icon, found at the bottom of the sidebar, to create a PDF version of any of the analysis tools.

Period selector

Change the period you're viewing by selecting the bolded smart text option in the upper right corner of the Analysis tools.

You can switch between monthly, quarterly, and yearly results. You're also able to make any quarter or year a 'partial period'.

You can change between periods quickly using the keyboard shortcuts for the month (m), quarter (q), and year (y).

Presentation Mode

In presentation mode, put the focus on your Analysis tools by removing the app top bar and expanding your browser to full screen. Presentation mode is great for management meetings with your team and also great for advisors when presenting to clients.

You can access Presentation Mode quickly by pressing F11 for Windows or Ctrl + Cmd + f for macOS.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be especially helpful while in presentation mode as they enable you to navigate and customise tools more quickly and seamlessly.

Easily navigate to the next or previous analysis tool with your up & down arrow keys. Shortcuts also enable you to quickly download a PDF report of the tool you’re currently viewing (d), or add a series to the Trend tool by opening the variable selector (v) without touching your mouse.

Clicking ‘Shift + ?’ on your keyboard will bring up the list of available shortcuts.

Next steps

The 'Analysis Tools Workflow' takes you through the Analysis tools, explaining the insights into financial performance provided by each tool.

What you want to do:

Where to go next:

Begin the 'Analysis Tools Workflow' with the KPI Summary tool

View the KPI results in a more focused, wheel format

Determine the potential future profitability of the company

Invite others into your Fathom account to share insights

Additional knowledge & common questions

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