There is a demo company available for use in Fathom. This demo company is useful when evaluating the analysis tools and reports; and also useful when demonstrating Fathom to your clients.

After you login to Fathom, see the “View demo company” link located at the bottom left corner of the ‘My Companies’ screen. 

The financial results displayed in the demo company is purely sample data and is not related to a real company.

Please note that the Fathom demo company does not allow you to customise Settings or Reports. This company is primarily used to demonstrate the 'outputs' of Fathom and what is possible to analyse and report on, and it doesn't provide the full ability to customise things.

To experience the full functionality of Fathom, including custom KPIs, and reports, you'll just need to import a company. 

For more information on importing a company of your own, see Importing Data.

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