Importing Financials from Sage Business Cloud

Upload & update your financial data from Sage Business Cloud

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Adding a company from Sage Business Cloud

Fathom has a direct integration with Sage Business Cloud (for UK, IE, US, DE, ES, CA, FR).

When you import a Sage Business Cloud company into Fathom, your company’s Chart of Accounts will automatically be brought into Fathom. You can import a maximum of 3000 accounts and up to 8 years of monthly data.

💡 Pro Tip: Currently, Fathom's only direct Sage integration is for Sage Business Cloud. If you are using another Sage product, you can import your financial data into Fathom via Excel. Please reach out to and let us know if you would like a direct integration with another Sage product so we can submit your request to our Product Team.

Importing your Sage Business Cloud company into Fathom

To import a Sage Business Cloud company into Fathom, log into your Fathom account or start a subscription and go to the ‘My Companies’ page.

  1. Select the green ‘Add’ button in the upper right corner of the ‘My Companies’ page

  2. Choose ‘Company

  3. In the menu that opens, select ‘Sage

  4. Then select ‘Connect to Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  5. You will be prompted to log in to Sage using your Sage username and password. The first time Fathom connects to your Sage company, you must authorise Fathom to access your data. You’ll only need to do this once for each Sage company.

    📝 Note: Users with Full Access or Read Only roles in Sage can import data into Fathom.

After authorising access, Fathom will import your financial data (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet). This should take up to a few minutes.

Once the import has been completed, you will see your Sage Business Cloud company on the 'My Companies' page in Fathom. You’ll now be able to access the company's Settings, Analysis, Reports, and Forecasting tools.

Update your financial data from Sage Business Cloud

You can manually update the financials of your Sage Business Cloud company in Fathom at any time in the company’s Settings.

  1. Go to ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ of the company’s Settings

    💡 Pro Tip: Your financials will default to update through the most recently completed calendar month. If you want month-to-date financials imported into Fathom, then you’ll need to select this using the ‘edit’ option next to the listing under the ‘Automatically update every day’ checkbox.

  2. In the ‘Financials’ section, select the grey ‘Update from Sage Business Cloud Accounting’ button.

  3. You can select the date range for the financials you'd like to import into Fathom.

  4. Select ‘Update Data

💡 Pro Tip: By default, automatic updates will be turned off for companies imported from Sage Business Cloud. This setting can be toggled on or off in 'Step 1 - Update Data' of the Settings for a company. Please see our ‘Automatic Updates’ article, for more information about automatic updates.

Next steps

Congratulations on adding your Sage Business Cloud company to Fathom! Continue the 'Getting Started Workflow' by setting up your company for analysis, reporting, and forecasting. Choose from one of the steps below:

What you want to do:

Next step in the setup process:

Import a budget for analysis and reporting

Set up your Company Profile

Check and customise your Chart of Accounts in Fathom

💡Pro Tip: If you want to consolidate several companies in Fathom, we recommend importing and completing the setup process for each company before creating a consolidated group. You can consolidate companies from different source accounting systems.

Additional knowledge & common questions:

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