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How can I track only non-financial KPIs in Fathom?
How can I track only non-financial KPIs in Fathom?

Want to use Fathom but don't have any financial data? Find out the best way to set up Fathom using only non-financial data.

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In most cases, businesses using Fathom will wish to track both financial and non-financial KPIs. To load a company into Fathom, the first step is to import your financial data from your source accounting system.

But if you only wish to track non-financial KPIs, how do you get started? In this case, you will not have any financials data to import into Fathom. So to get started you can upload an excel import spreadsheet which only includes non-financial KPI results. But before doing this you need to ensure that the non-financial KPIs you wish to track are first defined in your KPI Library.

Step 1: Define your KPIs
Login to Fathom > then go to "KPI Library" located under the Administration menu (cog icon, top right of Fathom). If desired, create a new folder to store your KPIs, and then define the KPIs that you wish to track for your organisation.

Step 2: Create an import spreadsheet
Create a non-financial import spreadsheet, like the following:

  • Cell "B1" should define the name of the entity (ie. business, school, person, organisation etc...)

  • Cell "B2" should define the first month of the financial year.
    Cell "B3" should define the frequency of the result data (ie. monthly, quarterly or annual)

  • Importantly, the name of the KPIs in column A should be the same as the KPIs defined in your KPI library.

Step 3: Import your data
Select "Add a company /group" > then select "Excel" as your data source. Then upload your non-financial import file. 

Tip: If you are uploading multiple Excel files, for efficiency we recommend using the 'Fathom Desktop Connector' to import these files.

You can then create reports, use the analysis tools, and benchmark the performance of these non-financial KPIs.

Note: when using the analysis tools, Fathom will only provide access to a limited range of tools. Because this organisation has no financial data, you will not be able to access the profitability, cash flow, growth, goal seek and financial statement analysis tools.

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