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Can I transfer data to a new Fathom account?
Can I transfer data to a new Fathom account?

Learn more about what to do if you wish to transfer any company files, reports, or settings across different Fathom accounts.

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Can I move my company to a different Fathom account?

It is not possible to transfer company data from one Fathom account to another. It is also not possible to merge two Fathom accounts.

To move data into another account, you will need to delete the company from one account, and set it up again in another account. 

Any 'Administrator' users in your account can delete a company. You can delete a company on the My Companies screen, by hovering over the selected company and clicking the three dots at the end of the row. From here you can delete the selected company.

Note: Your company customisations (e.g. KPIs, reports, and forecast) are stored in Fathom as part of your Fathom account and are not stored in your source accounting system (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB). When you delete a company in Fathom all of the data associated with the company is permanently deleted from your Fathom account and will not be restored when connecting the same company to a different Fathom account.

Re-building the company in the new Fathom account

If you have customised the company that you'd like to transfer, we recommend that you take the following steps to make it easier to re-build the company in a different Fathom account:

  1. Screenshot any custom KPIs (including formulas) and the company's Chart of Accounts in Fathom

  2. Download the Non-financial KPI Results Excel report to ensure you save any non-financial KPI data

  3. Download the budget Excel report (if imported from Excel)

  4. Download the Three-way forecast Excel report and the Forecast Value Audit report to have a record of your forecast and the value rules and timing profiles you used

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