Budgets in Fathom

Fathom allows you to import a budget directly from Xero, QBO, or MYOB. You can also import your budget from Excel. The Excel option is useful if you use other forecasting tools for creating your budgets.

Budgets have several functions in Fathom

  • Easily set targets for financial KPIs 
  • Perform 'budget vs actual' variance analyses
  • Create rolling forward projections (like in the Revenue analysis report)
  • Perform forward projections (i.e. combining actual and budgets to project full year results). 

Importing budgets

Importing a budget from Excel

Importing a budget from Xero

Importing a budget from QuickBooks Online

It is also possible to add a budget for a division that has been loaded as a standalone entity.

Importing a budget for a standalone entity

However budgets cannot be uploaded for divisions (classes, categories, etc.) that are connected to a single parent company.


How many budgets can I import?

You can only have a single budget imported for a company, but this budget can be easily switched or updated from the accounting system, or from Excel.

Can I use Account Codes in a Budget import?

Fathom allows you to import a budget for any of your companies via Excel. When adding a budget from Excel to a Xero company, we revert to the account name and then to the account code. 

If account name is specified, we match the values to an account name. The account names must match the Chart of Accounts. 

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