To add company data from MYOB AccountRight Live go to 'My Companies' > 'Add a Company' > 'MYOB' and connect to MYOB.

The first time Fathom connects to your MYOB AccountRight Live organisation, you must authorise access. Clicking 'Connect to MYOB' will take you to the MYOB website where you can login. After you login you can then select which MYOB organisation you wish to add to Fathom. You’ll only need to do this once for each MYOB organisation.

You must be a user with the 'Administrator' role in the MYOB company in order to connect the company to Fathom.

At anytime in the future, you can update the data in Fathom by going to the company settings and clicking 'Update from MYOB'. This will synchronise the data in Fathom with the data from MYOB.

Company File Version

Each MYOB AccountRight file has a company file version which initially is the version of MYOB the file was created with. You can see the version by opening your library browser in AccountRight and hovering over the file name. If your AccountRight file is stored online, then MYOB requires it to be no more than three versions behind the most recent version of AccountRight.

If you encounter this issue, you will need to first ensure your AccountRight desktop client is upgraded to the latest version and then open your company file. You will be prompted to upgrade the company file.

Importing Budget Data

Fathom enables you to import an external budget from MYOB AccountRight Live.

When importing your financial data from MYOB AccountRight Live for the first time, select the checkbox option to bring in budget data. This is found in the same window as selecting the company to import into Fathom.

To import budget data from MYOB AccountRight Live for an existing company, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update data > Budgets' in the company settings.

You can also choose to import a budget from Excel. More information on this process can be found in the following help article: Importing your Budget from Excel.

Importing Job and Category data from MYOB AccountRight Live

When importing from MYOB, you can choose to bring in your job and category data for divisional analysis. This will help you to further filter your results to gain more detailed insights on the performance of those jobs.

You can import up to 20 jobs into Fathom for a single company when importing from MYOB. You can find more information on this in the following article: Import Job and Category Data from MYOB


How are 13th period adjustments reported in Fathom?

13th period adjustments will not be distinguishable from regular financial results within Fathom.

The data will be applied to the monthly results based on the transaction date of the adjustment.

For example, adjustments made in the '13th period' to April results will be visible in Fathom reports for the month of April and for that financial year.

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