Importing financial data

To import data from Xero, select ‘Add a Company’ in the top right of the My Companies screen.

Then, select to connect to Xero.

The first time Fathom connects to your Xero organisation, you must authorise Fathom to access your data from Xero. You’ll only need to do this once for each Xero organisation.

Please note: Only users with 'Advisor' or 'Standard' permissions in Xero will be able to authorise access to the Xero data.

Importing budget data

On initial import, Fathom will automatically import the 'Overall Budget' from Xero. This will be applied to the entity, allowing you to easily set targets and enable budget vs actual variance analysis. You can also use the budget figures to perform forward projections.

Note: You can also import a budget from Excel, as opposed to Xero.

Importing tracking category data

Fathom allows you to import tracking category data for analysis. This can be done after you've already imported the company from Xero.

More information on how to import tracking categories can be found here: Import Tracking Category Data from Xero

Update your data from Xero

By default, Fathom will automatically update your financial data from Xero on a daily basis. This setting can be toggled on or off in 'Settings > Step 1 - Update Data' for a company.

At anytime, you can manually update the data in Fathom by selecting 'Update from Xero' in 'Step 1 - Update Data' of the company settings. This will synchronise the data in Fathom with the data in Xero at that point in time. If required, you can also update the budget from Xero.

Chart of Accounts

Your Chart of Accounts will automatically be brought into Fathom on initial import. We can only import a maximum of 3000 accounts.

Archived accounts are also imported, but only where they have data assigned to them historically. Archived accounts with no data will not be imported.

Permissions required to connect to Xero

To connect a Xero company, you must be an 'Advisor' or 'Standard' level user with the 'View Reports' permissions set to 'All Reports' in that specific company. If you cannot find your company in the list that Xero presents, you'll want to check on the permission levels in Xero before reattempting the import. 

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