Adding tracking categories to your Xero company

If you're using tracking categories in Xero, you’ll be able to bring in the tracking category data into Fathom for divisional analysis and reporting. This will help you to further filter your results to gain more detailed insights from your tracking categories.

You can import up to 60 tracking categories into Fathom for a single company when importing from Xero.

Importing Tracking Categories from Xero

To import tracking categories from Xero into Fathom:

  1. Go to 'Step 1 - Update data' in the company’s Settings

  2. Select the 'edit' button next to the 'Tracking' heading.

  3. Then, select which tracking categories you wish to import for analysis and reporting. You can choose amaximum of 60 tracking categories per company.

  4. After selecting the tracking categories for import, click on ‘Confirm selection’, then 'Import' to start the import process.

    Note: Fathom will always import the company totals. Therefore, if you do not import all of the tracking categories for a company, this will result in some ‘Unclassified Data’.

  5. While the import is occurring, you can keep using Fathom - simply click ‘Continue using Fathom’ to proceed. You will then be notified when the import is complete.

Note: The import of data for each tracking category may take up to 1 minute, depending on the number of monthly periods to be imported.

Congratulations on importing your divisional data! To continue onto the next steps in setting up your company or using divisions in Fathom, click the option below:

💡Pro Tip: We recommend completing the company setup if you’re setting up the company in Fathom for the first time before diving further into using divisional data in Fathom.

What is ‘Unclassified’ data?

'Unclassified data' in Fathom represents the difference between the data for the entire company, and data that has been assigned to your tracking categories. You may have unclassified data in Fathom if there is data in your financials that has not been attributed to a tracking category or if you have not imported all of a company’s tracking categories.

Learn more about unclassified data and how the amount is calculated in our ‘Unclassified Data’ article.

Updating your tracking category data

You are able to update the tracking category data that is being imported to ensure that any changes made in Xero are reflected in Fathom.

To update the tracking category data:

  1. Go to 'Step 1 - Update Data' of the company’s Settings

  2. In the ‘Financials’ section, click 'Update from QuickBooks Online'.

💡Pro Tip: You can also select the checkbox to 'Automatically update every day'. This will automatically update Fathom from Xero on a daily basis.

Change the tracking categories being imported

If you need to change the tracking categories being imported into Fathom from Xero:

  1. Go to 'Step 1 - Update Data' of the company’s Settings

  2. Select ‘edit’ next to the ‘Tracking’ option.

  3. From the menu that opens, select the tracking categories to be imported into Fathom.

  4. Click ‘Confirm Selection’

  5. Select ‘Update’

Next Steps

Congratulations on adding your tracking category data to Fathom! Finish setting up your company for analysis, reporting, and forecasting or jump right into using divisional data in Fathom by choosing one of the options below:

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