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Getting Started with Reporting in Fathom
Getting Started with Reporting in Fathom

Create and manage reports and use templates to schedule future reports

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Accessing reports

You can access 'Reports' from the 'My Companies' screen in Fathom. Hover your mouse over a company or group, and click the 'Reports' icon.

If you only have a single company uploaded to Fathom, click the large 'Reports' tile located below your company.

The 'Report Centre' allows you to manage all reports and templates for a single company or group. You will have access to:

  • Reports - These are Fathom's customisable reports, which allow you to build professional and beautiful looking reports easily (view a sample report). They can be made from scratch or generated from a template.

  • Templates - Save your favourite reports as templates to easily re-use them for future periods, or with other companies. Fathom also has several Predefined or pre-made templates for you to work from.

  • Scheduled Reports - Once you've created a custom template, schedule a report to be created automatically.

  • Excel Reports - Download a range of default Excel reports.

💡Pro Tip: If you're an Advisor or Admin-level user on a Fathom account, you can follow and complete the Reporting Checklist steps within Fathom. Launch the Reporting Checklist.

Training videos

💡Pro Tip: Everyone can watch an 18-minute Reporting Overview Video to learn about reporting in Fathom.

Admin and Advisor level users can access short training videos from the left sidebar in 'Reports'.

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Want to create a custom report in Fathom?

Download an Excel Report

Turn your report into a custom template to generate future reports from

Schedule future reports to be created automatically

Share your reports with others or enable them to comment on reports

Invite others into your Fathom account to share insights

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