Financial Periods

Fathom supports up to eight years of monthly data. We recommend maintaining five years in order to achieve the best performance while you are using Fathom.

Chart of Accounts

Fathom supports up to 3000 accounts in the Chart of Accounts. Companies which exceed this limit, will not be able to import data into Fathom.

Divisions (Classes, Locations, Tracking Categories)

Fathom supports the concurrent analysis of up to 20 divisions. In other words, Fathom permits the analysis of the entire company, and a maximum of 20 of its business units ie. divisions, departments, locations, profit centers or cost centers.  Companies with more than 20 divisions can still be imported into Fathom, but the user must select the divisions (up to 20) to be included in the analysis and reports.

In any breakdown analysis, data for excluded tracking classes and locations, will be reported as ‘unclassified’ or ‘other’ amounts.

Consolidated Groups

Fathom enables consolidated reporting for up to 300 entities. 

For multi-currency consolidated groups the limit is 50. 

Please contact Fathom support if you would like to consolidate larger groups:

Benchmark Groups

Fathom enables comparative reporting ('benchmarking') for up to 500 entities.


There are no limits on the number of users in an account.

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