Using Divisions in Reports

Filter charts, graphs, and tables in reports by tracking category, class, location, job, and department

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Reporting on divisions

Once you have imported divisions for your company, Fathom enables you to report on divisional data in several ways:

Charts & Commentary

Tables & Financial Statements

Excel reports

Filter Trend charts by division

When creating Trend charts in Fathom reports, you can filter any metric by division. To do so,

  1. After adding a trend chart to a custom Fathom report, hover over the chart and select the green 'Pencil' icon in the top right corner.

  2. In the chart's Properties menu, select the 'Add or remove variables' option under 'Series'.

  3. You can select metrics, financials, and Chart of Accounts line items from this menu to add to the chart.

  4. A 'Select division' option will appear when you hover over a variable to add to the chart. Click on this to filter the metric to show the results for a specific division.

💡Pro Tip: If you have imported budget data for your divisions, you can select the ‘Three dots’ icon next to a metric in the ‘Series’ section of the chart’s Properties menu. If a metric has budget data, you can check the ‘Budget’ option to add a budget line to the chart.

Breakdown chart

If you've imported divisional data for your company in Fathom, you can add the Breakdown tool as a chart to a report.

  1. In a custom Fathom report, select 'Charts' from the content library on the left sidebar.

  2. Choose a 'Breakdown by division' chart to add it to your report.

💡 Pro Tip: You can edit a breakdown chart to compare the results to a prior period or the budget. To display the budget or prior period comparison, the breakdown chart must be more than half the width of the reporting page.

Key Number Charts & Observations

You can filter metrics in Key Number charts and Observations to display divisional data. After adding a Key Number chart or Observation to your report,

  1. Hover over the component and select the green 'Pencil' icon.

  2. In the Properties menu, select the 'Pencil' icon next to the displayed metric

  3. A metric list will appear. Hover over the metric you want to use (you may need to search for the metric using the search option).

  4. Click 'Select division'

  5. Choose the division to filter by

  6. Choose the period

  7. Select the green 'Save changes' button to apply the changes to the component

Filter financial statements by individual division

When adding a Financial Statement to a custom Fathom report, you can filter the entire statement by division. This is available for your Profit & Loss or Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

To do so,

  1. In a custom Fathom report, select 'Tables & Financials' from the content library on the left sidebar

  2. Click on the second bolded smart text filter option at the top of the menu that opens and ensure you're viewing the 'Financials' tables

  3. Select a table from the 'Financials' options

  4. Hover over the table and select the green 'Pencil' icon in the top right corner of the table

  5. In the table's Properties menu, use the drop-down menu under the 'Filter' section to select an individual division's financials to display

💡Pro Tip: Tick the checkbox to ‘Allow report viewers to export to Excel’. This enables anyone viewing the online report to download the table in Excel format.

Actuals v Budget for divisions

If your company is sourced from Xero or QuickBooks Online, you can import divisional budgets into Fathom.

To show actuals and budget variance for a division,

  1. Add a Financials table to your report and filter the table to a specific division, following the above steps.

  2. Go to the ‘Columns’ section of the table’s Properties menu

  3. Add budget and budget variance columns to the table.

Financial statements broken up by divisions

The 'Financials by Division' table provides a side-by-side breakdown of your division results in a single financial statement. Each column represents a set of financials for each separate division.

To add this table to a custom Fathom report,

  1. Select the 'Tables & Financials' icon from the content library on the left sidebar

  2. Click on the second bolded smart text filter at the top of the menu that opens

  3. Select 'Financials by Divisions'

  4. Select a table to add it to your report

💡Pro Tip: To remove the 'Unclassified' column if you have financials not assigned to any particular division, uncheck the 'Show other column' option in the table's Properties menu. You can access the table's Properties menu by hovering over it and selecting the green 'Pencil' icon in the top right corner.

KPI & KPI Trends tables filtered by division

If you add a KPI or KPI Trends table to your report, you can filter the table to display divisional results.

  1. Hover over the table and select the green ‘Pencil’ icon or double-click the table to open the table’s Properties menu

  2. In the ‘Filter’ section, open the drop-down menu

  3. A division to filter the table’s results by that division

📝 Note: Double-filtered KPI results will display nil or 0 results. Results become double-filtered if you have added a KPI to the table with divisional data (e.g. a Tracking KPI or a Formula KPI that contains divisional data) and filtered the table by division as well. You must either choose a KPI without divisional data or not filter the table by division for results to not be double-filtered.

Excel reports by division

You can download an Excel report of your financial and budget results by division.

  1. Go to 'Excel reports' on the left sidebar of the Report Centre

  2. Hover over a report and click on the 'Cloud' icon to download the report. The divisional Excel reports include:

    1. Financial results by division

    2. Budget results by division

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