Once you have imported divisions for your company, Fathom enables you to filter results by division within Fathom’s customisable reports

View the following article for more information on importing divisions: Getting started with Divisional Analysis.

Filter Trend charts by division

When creating Trend charts in Fathom reports, you are able to filter any metric by division.

Breakdown chart

When creating a Breakdown chart in the Fathom customisable reports, you can choose to filter the performance of your results by division.

Filter Financial Statements by division

When creating a Financial Statement table in the customisable Fathom reports, you are able to filter the entire statement by division.

This is available for your Profit & Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet (BS), and Cash Flow Statement (CFS).

💡Pro Tip: Tick the checkbox to ‘Allow report viewers to export to Excel’. This enables anyone viewing the online report to download the table in Excel format.

Division Summary

The Division Summary provides a side-by-side breakdown of your division results in a single table. Each column represents a set of financials for each separate division.

💡Pro Tip: The Division Summary is also available as an Excel report. You can download this report for your P&L and Balance sheet from ‘Reports > Excel Reports > Financial results by Division’.

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