Once you have imported divisions for your company, Fathom enables you to filter your results by division in various Analysis tools. View the following article for more information: Getting started with Divisional Analysis.

Viewing KPIs for your divisions

If you have created your own divisional KPIs in the company Settings process, you will be able to view those KPIs within the Analysis tools.

You can select to view these metrics in the KPI summary, KPI Explorer, and Trend analysis tools.

View the following help article for more information on creating KPIs filtered by division: Using divisions in KPIs.

Breakdown Analysis

The Breakdown analysis tool is designed to compare performance across the different areas of your business.

This analysis provides insight into the performance of your divisions within a single company, for any metric that has been defined within Fathom.

Financials Analysis

You’re able to dive even deeper into your financial statements to see a divisional breakdown of individual accounts.

When viewing the Financials Analysis tool for a company with divisions, click on any row to reveal a helpful breakdown of that metric across your divisions.

For further insights, sort your divisions by result or by alphabetical order. You can also compare results against last month, or same month last year.

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