Importing a Budget from Xero
Upload & update your budget data into Fathom from Xero
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Importing a budget from Xero

When you make the initial connection between Fathom and Xero, Fathom will automatically pull in budget data from the 'Overall Budget' that you have created in the Xero Budget Manager.

If you do not have any budget data contained in the 'Overall Budget', no budget data will be imported.

Note: Fathom is only able to import budget data from the 'Overall Budget' in Xero.

If you want to replace the budget that was automatically imported or if you did not have a budget automatically imported during the initial import, then you can add a budget from Xero, Excel, or save your forecast as your budget.

Adding a budget to your Xero company

If a budget was not imported when the initial connection between Xero and Fathom was established, then you can add a budget to your company in Fathom at any time from:

Adding a budget from Xero

If a budget was not automatically imported when you initially connected your Xero company to Fathom, then you can import a budget from Xero at any time. To do this:

  1. Go to 'Step 1 - Update data' of the company’s Settings.

  2. Under the heading for 'Budget', select the option to ‘+ Add Budget’

  3. Choose to import a budget from Xero.

    Note: While you can create multiple budgets in Xero, Fathom is only able to import the ‘Overall Budget’ for the Xero company.

Adding a budget from Excel

If you want to import a budget that is different from your ‘Overall Budget,’ then you can import a budget into Fathom via Excel.

View the following help article for more detail on importing a budget from Excel.

Adding a budget from the company’s forecast

You’re able to save the forecast you create in Fathom as your company’s budget. You can completely replace your current Xero or Excel budget with the company’s forecast or only partially replace your current budget.

Read our 'Saving your forecast as your company’s budget' article for more detail.

💡Pro Tip: If your forecast is linked to your budget, you are still able to save your forecast as your budget. The budget data linked to your forecast will be saved as part of the new budget along with the rest of the forecast data.

Updating your Xero budget

You can update your budget data in Fathom at any time. To update the budget from Xero:

  1. In the company's Settings, go to 'Step 1 - Update data'.

  2. Under the heading for 'Budget', select the option to ‘Update Budget from Xero’

Budgets for tracking categories

While you can create budgets against tracking categories in Xero, we are not able to import them into Fathom. You can only import the ‘Overall Budget’ for the parent company.

However, if you import tracking categories as standalone companies in Fathom, you can then import budgets for those tracking categories via Excel. For more information, view the following help article on ‘Adding Budgets for Divisions’.

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