When importing your financial data from Xero, you have ability to import your budget from Xero as well.

You can add a budget to a company with financials sourced from Xero. The budget can come from one of two places.

The first option is to import the overall budget from Xero using the Budget Manager. While you can create additional budgets in Xero, we can only import the overall budget. If you already have a budget imported from Excel you will need to remove the Excel budget first.

The second option is to import a budget from Excel. The budget from Excel has the advantage of allowing you to add budget lines for the balance sheet. The Xero budget is limited to the Profit & Loss (or Income Statement).

Budgets and Tracking Categories

While you can create budgets against tracking categories in Xero, we are not able to import them into Fathom. You can only import the budget for the parent company.

If you import your tracking category as a stand alone company, you can add a budget to this company using Excel.

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