Importing for the first time

When you import your company data from Xero for the first time, Fathom will automatically pull in budget data from the 'Overall Budget' that you have created in the Xero Budget Manager.

If you do not have any budget data contained in the 'Overall Budget', no budget data will be imported.

Note: Fathom is only able to import budget data from the 'Overall Budget' in Xero.

Managing/Updating your budget

You can manage or update your budget data in Fathom at any time. To do so, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update data' of the company settings.

Under the heading for 'Budget', you will be able to see if a budget has been imported.

If you have an existing budget from Xero, click 'Update from Xero' to ensure any changes to the overall budget in Xero are reflected in Fathom.

Adding a budget from Excel

Alternatively, you are able to import a budget from Excel. To do so, first remove any existing budget from Xero by clicking 'Remove budget'.

Then, select 'Add a budget'. You will be able to import your budget from Xero or Excel.

View the following help article for more detail on importing a budget from Excel.

Budgets and Tracking Categories

While you can create budgets against tracking categories in Xero, we are not able to import them into Fathom. You can only import the Overall budget for the parent company.

However, if you import tracking categories as standalone companies in Fathom, you can then apply budgets from Excel. For more information, view the following help article on Adding Budgets for Divisions.

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