How auto updates work

When importing your data from a cloud accounting system (Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight Live), you will have the option to automatically update your data on a daily basis.

This is helpful to keep Fathom updated on a daily basis with any changes made to your source accounting system, especially if you have multiple companies in your Fathom account.

To activate the auto updates, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update data' in your company settings. Then, tick the checkbox to 'Automatically update every day'.

Your data will then be automatically updated from your accounting system once every 24 hours, before 8am AEST.


In Fathom, it may happen that your company is currently not updating as you expect to be.

Automatically importing current month results (MTD)

By default, Fathom will automatically update your data to the nearest completed month. For example, on 28th June, Fathom's results will only import up to the nearest completed month, ie. May.

However, when importing your data from Xero, QuickBooks Online, or MYOB AccountRight Live, you can choose instead to allow Fathom to automatically update your data to include the current month's results.

To do so, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update Data' and click on 'edit' as shown in the below image.

Manually importing current month results (MTD)

You also can manually update Fathom to the current monthly period to bring in month-to-date (MTD) results.

To do so, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update data' and click on 'Update from Xero/QuickBooks/MYOB'.

You will be able to select the current (incomplete) month from the dropdown option.

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