What are divisions?

Fathom allows you to import divisions to further analyse and report on the performance of different areas of your business.

Divisions refer to any departments, job centres, cost centres, locations etc. that you have defined within your source accounting system. The terminology of these divisions differ for each source accounting system as follows:

  • Xero - tracking categories

  • QuickBooks - classes or locations

  • MYOB - jobs or categories

Note: It’s not possible to import divisions from an Excel-based company into Fathom.

Using Divisions Workflow

Using and reporting on divisions in Fathom starts with importing your divisional data from your source accounting system. Then, you'll be able to set up divisional KPIs, use divisions in the Analysis tools, and report on divisions.

To get the optimal performance out of Fathom, we suggest adding and setting up divisions in your company according to the following workflow:

💡Pro Tip: The above video is an overview of the workflow for using divisions in Fathom. For detailed, step-by-step videos on each part of the workflow, please go to the corresponding article.

Note: It is currently not possible to add budgets for divisions in Fathom. For Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB AccountRight Live users, you have the option to import divisions as standalone entities into Fathom. This will allow you to import budgets for the standalone divisions.

Advanced features for divisions

There are several advanced features within Fathom that require you to import your divisions as standalone entities within Fathom. This means that your divisions will be billable as separate entities.

Importing divisions as standalone entities will allow you to:

Note: Divisions can only be imported as standalone entities from Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB AccountRight Live.

Next steps

To begin the ‘Using Divisions in Fathom’ workflow, import your class, location, tracking category, or job & category data into Fathom. If you have already imported your divisional data into Fathom, then begin setting up divisional KPIs or performing divisional analysis.

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