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Learn more about 'unclassified' data when importing your divisions into Fathom
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What is 'Unclassified' data in Fathom?

Fathom allows you to import divisions for your companies when using Xero, QuickBooks Online, or MYOB AccountRight Live.

These are also known as:

When viewing filtered results by division for your entities, you may see data that is 'Unclassified'. This represents any company data that has not been allocated to a division.

'Unclassified' data in Fathom represents the difference between the data for the entire company, and data that has been assigned to your classes.

For example:

Full company total = 100

Division A = 25
Division B = 25
Division C = 25

Total assigned to divisions = 75

Fathom will then assign a value of '25' as an unclassified amount. The sum of division results and the 'unclassified' amount will be the full company results.

Why is the data that is 'Unclassified' showing an incorrect value? (QuickBooks Online)

Fathom does not retain or recognise the class hierarchy from QuickBooks. Each class is a distinct entity without any relationship to other imported classes.

This means that if you import both parent and child classes, the "unclassified" amount can actually become negative, because the sum of the parent and child classes is actually larger than the full company total.


Full company total = 100
Child A = 25
Child B = 25
Child C = 25
Parent of A, B, and C = 75

In this example, the correct 'Unclassified' amount should be 25 (100 - 75). However, if you import both the child and parent classes, the amounts will be double-counted, and the data attributed to classes will = 150, which is larger than the full company total. The unclassified amount will then be shown as -50 in Fathom.

It is important that you do not import both parent and child classes at once. In QuickBooks, the parent class sums the amounts from any child classes. If both the parent and child class are imported into Fathom, then amounts will be double-counted.

We recommend just importing the child classes into Fathom. This will allow you to drill into the most detail when viewing your company data, and will ensure that the 'Unclassified' amount is correct.

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