Note: Before creating custom KPIs for your divisions, please ensure that you have imported divisions for your company. More information can be found from the following help article: Getting started with Divisional Analysis


Fathom enables you to easily create custom KPIs to track the performance of your divisions.

To do so, proceed to ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ of the company Settings, then select ‘Create a KPI’. You are able to create custom divisional KPIs using:

  • Account Watch KPIs
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Formula KPIs

Note: KPIs that reference divisions can only be used by an individual company. Any KPIs that reference divisions will NOT be available for use in a consolidated group. For more information, view the following help article: Consolidating KPIs.

Account Watch KPIs

Account watch KPIs enable you to track any account from your general ledger as a KPI in Fathom. Creating an Account Watch KPI will make a key account’s results more visible as a KPI in Fathom’s Analysis tools.

When creating an Account Watch KPI for a company with divisions, Fathom enables you to track accounts filtered by division.

Tracking KPIs

Tracking KPIs are only available for companies that have imported divisions. These KPIs allow you to filter key Profitability and Growth metrics in Fathom by division. 

Formula KPIs for a single division

Using the KPI formula builder, you can create your own custom divisional formula KPIs.

For example:

Formula KPIs for multiple divisions

You can also create a custom formula KPI which tracks the performance of multiple divisions.

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