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Getting Started with Fathom Forecasting
Getting Started with Fathom Forecasting

How to begin forecasting in Fathom & the Forecast Creation Workflow

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Introduction to Fathom Forecasting

Forecasting in Fathom starts with choosing a forecast onboarding method and going through the onboarding process. Then, once the forecast is created, you’ll be able to further customise and tailor the forecast’s baseline to the company or consolidated group. After setting up the baseline, you’ll be able to better strategise and plan for business actions and scenarios.

Fathom’s Forecasting tool enables you to forecast out 3 financial years into the future beyond the current financial year.

The Forecast Creation Workflow

To get the optimal performance out of Fathom Forecasting, we suggest setting up your forecast according to the following workflow:

Training videos

Everyone can watch a 19-minute Forecasting Overview video to learn about forecasting in Fathom.

Admin and Advisor level users can access additional training videos from the left sidebar of the forecast.

Begin the Workflow

To begin the Forecast Creation Workflow described in the checklist above, choose from one of the actions to take next:

What you want to do:

Where to go next:

Determine which type of forecast you want to use

Already know which type of forecast you want to create? Go through the onboarding process of your choice.

Completed an onboarding? Learn about the main forecasting grid.

Additional knowledge & common questions:

Need additional training? - Check out our Forecasting Overview video.

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