Trend Analysis

Trend historical data to view business performance over time

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What is the Trend Analysis tool?

The trend analysis tool is designed to help track trends in business performance over time.

It enables the comparison of any KPI (default or custom), any Chart of Account line item, or any summary classification from the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

The Trend Analysis tool is accessible from the left sidebar in the Analysis tools by selecting the 'Trend/Jagged Line' icon.

Using & customising the Trend tool

Hovering the mouse cursor over results in the trend table will highlight the associated data point in the chart.

There are several ways you can customise the display in the Trend Analysis tool:

You’re also able to select from some predefined chart options to display in the tool.

Adding or removing metrics or series

You can add up to five series to your chart, by clicking the '+' symbol. To find a series, use the search function or select them from the variable selector.

To remove a metric, simply click on the metric name and select 'Remove metric' from the menu that opens.

Adding or removing comparatives

You are able to show comparatives for any metric. To add a comparative,

  1. Click on the name of a metric that has been added to the chart

  2. Check a comparative to include it in the chart, you will see the following options:

    • Budget - If a budget has been imported for the company, then accounts, headings, and classifications from the Chart of Accounts can be compared to their budget values.

    • Target - For KPIs, you're able to compare to the target set for them in 'Step 5 - Targets' of the company's Settings.

    • Rolling 12 month average - This is an option for accounts, headings, and classifications from the Chart of Accounts as well as for KPI metrics.

Unchecking a comparative option will remove the comparative from the tool.

Chart type options

You can choose to display your data using line, bar or area charts. To do so, click on an existing metric. You will see three different icons indicating the various options.

Changing the period or date range

In the top right corner of the Trend Analysis tool, you’re able to change the period and date range displayed in the tool. The first bolded smart text option allows you to switch between viewing monthly, quarterly, or yearly results.

The second bolded smart text option enables you to choose up to which month, quarter, or year’s results you are viewing. If you imported data through the current month in ‘Step 1 - Update Data’, then those results can be included in the Trend Analysis tool.

Dragging the mouse cursor over the chart area will move through the available timeline. Scrolling within the chart will also zoom in or out to show a smaller or larger range of data.

Predefined charts

You can quickly view key trends by selecting a predefined chart. This option is available in the top right corner of the Trend Analysis tool.

Download a PDF of the Trend Analysis

You can download the Trend Analysis tool to PDF from the left sidebar. The download option is located in the bottom left corner.

Trends charts can also be customised and added to Fathom reports and downloaded as a PDF.

💡Pro Tip: You have the option to include a 'Basis of Preparation' or disclaimer statement as a page in PDF downloads. You can add or remove this statement in PDFs and customise the statement. Learn more in our 'Basis of Preparation statement' article.

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