The trend analysis tool is designed to help track trends in business performance over time.

It enables the comparison of any KPI (default or custom), any Chart of Account line item, or any summary classification from the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Using the Trend tool

You can add up to five series to your chart, by clicking the '+' symbol and either using the search function, or selecting them from the variable selector. 


You are able to show comparatives for any metric.

To do so, click on an existing metric. You will see options to include:

  • Budget

  • Rolling 12 month average

Predefined charts

You can quickly view key trends by selecting a predefined chart. 

This option is available in the top right corner.

Display Options

You can choose to display your data using line, bar or area charts.

To do so, click on an existing metric. You will see three different icons indicating the various options.

Defining Date Ranges

At the top of the tool you can use the period selector to choose which month you show results up to. You can also choose to show a specific financial year, or trends across all time. 

Dragging the mouse cursor over the chart area will move through the available timeline. 

Scrolling within the chart will zoom in or out to show a smaller or larger range of data.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a data point will highlight this result in the results table (and vice-versa).

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