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Understanding the rank tool

The Rank Tool enables the comparative analysis of multiple companies across multiple KPIs - in one view. This tool helps to rank the performance of each company, client, or franchisee relative to its peers.

This tool creates a leaderboard for each KPI - a '1st' result indicates that for this metric, the company is the best performer in the benchmark group.

Example: In the case of Accounts Receivable Days, a company with a lower AR Days result would be more highly ranked because it would mean they were being paid by customers more quickly, resulting in a better cash flow performance.

Sorting the rank tool

Above the rank tool graph, you will see two bolded options that are variable selectors. Clicking on an option reveals a drop down menu to select options for that variable.

  • Variable 1: You can select up to 10 companies to view in one ranking. They will be tracked by colour, seen to the right of the variable selectors.

  • Variable 2: Sorting selection can be either by Category or Alphabetically (A-Z). Alphabetical sorting simply shows all KPIs selected for the group in alphabetical order. Sorting by 'Category' will group the KPIs in the analysis for additional clarity. The category groupings are the same categories seen in the grouping of the KPIs -- Profitability, Activity, Efficiency, etc. -- and are displayed across the bottom of the Rank tool. Category sorting is seen above.

Interacting with the tool

To scroll through the metrics upon which the companies are ranked, you can either drag the slider bar at the bottom of the tool, or by clicking within the tool and dragging directly to the right or left.

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