This tool provides a summary of the company's financial statements (Profit & Loss/Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement) in various formats. In addition, this tool also includes variance analysis and common size analysis.

Using the Financials Analysis Tool

Choosing a financial statement

You are able to choose between the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, or Cash Flow Statement. Each of the financial statements has several different layouts available for viewing.

The Profit & Loss statement has two different layouts:

  • Standard P&L

  • EBITDA Layout

The Balance Sheet enables you to change between 3 different layouts:

  • A traditional view: Assets = Liabilities + Equity

  • The IFRS layout: Assets - Liabilities = Equity

  • Separation of Operations and Finance layout

The Statement of Cash Flows allows you to change between:

  • Operating / Investing / Financing layout

  • Operating / Free Cash Flow / Net Cash Flow layout

To switch between statements and layouts, click the 'smart text' to open up a dropdown menu.

Choosing detail

You can choose to display the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet in varying levels of detail using the smart text drop-down menu shown below. 

By default, Fathom will display summary level results. You can also choose to show more detailed results, and collapse and expand any headings and subheadings that you've created in your Chart of Accounts from 'Step 3' of the company settings.

Choosing a comparative

You can compare against budget, the prior period or the same period last year using the smart text drop-down menu shown below:

Common size analysis

On the Profit & Loss, the common size analysis expresses each line item as a percentage of total revenue.

On the Balance Sheet, the common size analysis expresses each line item as a percent of either Total Assets or Total Liabilities and Equity.

The Cash Flow Statement does not have any common size analysis.

Common size analysis is only available for the period you've selected using the period selector in the top right. It is not available for any comparative periods.

Consolidated Financials

When viewing the Financials Analysis tool from a consolidated group, you can click on any account to show a breakdown by company.

Divisional Financials

This breakdown is also available when viewing results from an individual company that has multiple divisions imported (aka. Tracking categories, classes, jobs, locations, etc). You can drill down into any account to view a breakdown by division.

Choosing a date range

At the top of the tool you can choose to view results for any month, quarter or year. You can also view results for quarter-to-date (QTD) or year-to-date (YTD) periods, and select the ending month for these periods.

Download PDF report

You can save your financial statement as a PDF report by clicking the download icon in the sidebar. 

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