This tool provides a summary of the company's financial statements (Profit & Loss/Income Statement and Balance Sheet) in various formats. In addition, this tool also includes variance analysis and common size analysis.

Choosing a financial statement

You are able to choose between the Profit & Loss, or Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet view enables you to change between a traditional view, and a 'separation of operations and finance'.

Choosing detail

You can choose to display the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet in varying levels of detail using the drop-down menu shown below. 

Detailed and More Detailed options will show accounts under any headings and sub-headings respectively, based on the structure of your Chart of Accounts from Step 3. 

Choosing a comparative

You can compare against budget, the prior period or the same period last year using the drop-down menu shown below:

Common size analysis

On the Profit & Loss, the common size analysis expresses each line item as a percent of total revenue.

On the Balance Sheet, the common size analysis expresses each line item as a percent of either Total Assets or Total Liabilities and Equity.

Common size analysis is only available for current period results.

Consolidated financials

In the Financials tool for a consolidated group, you can click on any account to show a breakdown by company. 

Choosing a date range

At the top of the tool you can choose to view results for any month, quarter or year. You can also view results for quarter-to-date (QTD) or year-to-date (YTD) periods, and select the ending month for these periods.

Download PDF report

You can save your financial statement as a PDF report by clicking the download icon in the sidebar. 

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