The Breakdown tool is designed to compare performance across the different areas of your business. This analysis provides insight into the performance of either:

  • All of your divisions, departments (or other business segments) within a single company

  • All of the companies in your consolidated group

Breakdown tool availability

By default, the Breakdown tool is not available for individual companies.

This tool will automatically become available for:

  • Individual companies that have multiple divisions imported (tracking categories, classes, jobs, etc)

  • Consolidated groups

Choosing a metric

You can select or search for any metric using the menu at the top of the tool. 

These metrics can be any KPI (default or custom), any Chart of Account line item, or any summary classification from the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

You also have the ability to sort results from best performer to worst performer or by alphabetical order.

Drilldown of results

Upon clicking on any row in the breakdown analysis, you will be able to view more details and a trend of recent results.

❗Note: any amounts that are not classified to a tracking category, are shown as 'unclassified'. 

Choosing a date range

At the top of the tool you can choose to view results for any month, quarter or year. You can also view results for month-to-date (MTD), quarter-to-date (QTD) or year-to-date (YTD) periods, and select the ending month for these periods.

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