For a consolidated group, you get access to all the same analysis tools as for a single company. In addition, there are a couple of breakdown analysis features that are available within the Consolidated group.  

Breakdown Analysis Tool

This tool helps to rank to performance of each company within the group. In addition to viewing profitability metrics, you can view results for any other metric. To do this select the magnifying glass.

From the side panel, select any specific account, or KPI. You can use the search menu to quickly find the desired account. 

Click on any row in the breakdown analysis to view more details, and a trend of recent results. You can also click on the 'download report' icon to create a PDF report of the current view.

Financials Tool

Within the ‘Financials’ tool, you can click on any line item on the Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet to discover the breakdown across the consolidated group.

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