Analysis in a Consolidated Group

Analyze consolidated group performance with some unique analysis tools for consolidations

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Analysing performance in a consolidated group

For a consolidated group, you get access to all the same analysis tools as for a single company. In addition, you are able to perform breakdown analysis in a consolidated group with the 'Breakdown' analysis tool and an advanced option in the 'Financials' tool.

Breakdown Analysis Tool

This tool helps to rank the performance of each company within the group. In addition to viewing profitability metrics, you can view results for accounts in your chart of accounts or for KPIs.

To use the tool:

  1. Select the metric or account for breakdown by clicking the first bolded variable selector at the top of the tool.

  2. Choose any KPI (default or custom), any Chart of Account line item, or any summary classification from the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet to breakdown by company.

  3. Sort the breakdown display by clicking on the second bolded variable selector at the top of the tool.

  4. Choose to sort the tool alphabetically or by result in the dropdown menu that appears.

  5. For additional insight into a company's performance and a trend of recent results, click on the bar for the company in the Breakdown tool.

You can also click on the 'download' icon in the bottom left corner of the analysis tools to create a PDF report of the current view of the Breakdown tool.

Breakdown analysis within the Financials tool

Within the ‘Financials’ tool, you can click on any line item on the Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet to discover the breakdown across the consolidated group.

For further insights, sort your companies by result or by alphabetical order. You can also compare results against budget, last month, or same month last year.

Next steps

Now that you’ve learned about the additional analysis available in consolidated groups, you may want to begin reporting on the consolidated group or forecasting for the group.

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