Fathom allows you to view your Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows within the Fathom analysis tools and in Fathom online, PDF, and excel reports. 

Viewing your financial statements in Fathoms Analysis tools

From the analysis tools, navigate to ‘Financials’ at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar. You can use each of the drop-downs to customise the financial statement you’d like to view. 

The period selector in the top right hand corner of the analysis screen allows you to choose the date range of data you would like to look at. 

You can choose to view each of the statements in summary or detailed form. Selecting ‘Detailed’ from the dropdown will expand all custom headings and subheadings created in 'Step 3 - Chart of Accounts'.

You're also able to change the comparatives between ‘Budget’, ‘Last month’ and ‘Same month last year’. The variance in $ and % will automatically adjust against any of selected comparatives. 

Adding your Financial Statements to Reports within Fathom

To add a financial statement to a Fathom report, navigate to a draft report, or a newly created template, and hover over a blank space until the green ‘+’ appears. This will take you to our Content Library

From here you’ll want to head over to the ‘Tables & Financials’ heading.  You can add your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement in several different table formats including general financial statements, financial trends, financial snippets.

Exporting your Financial Statements from Fathom to Excel

Fathom allows you to quickly export your financial statements to excel. To do this navigate to the Report Centre and select ‘Excel reports’. From here you can access a number of reports including ‘Financial Results’ which contains your balance sheet and profit & loss. 

When you start the download of any excel report you will be prompted to select the period of data you would like to view. 

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