The Fathom Analysis Tools are an interactive and dynamic presentation of your financial and non-financial data. They focus on key business insights such as profitability, cashflow and growth and are a great way to convey these concepts in a visual and intuitive way.

We find they work great in a boardroom presentation, a screen-share or even on a tablet over a coffee. 

If you are looking to create your own customised reports (either for online access or in PDF to send to a client), then we recommend you look into our Reporting.

There are a number of helpful tips which will assist you in using the tools in presentations with maximum impact and efficiency.

Company Finder

When you have a lot of companies, consolidations & benchmark groups to manage in your Fathom account, we know it starts to get harder to operate efficiently.

With the company finder, you can quickly switch to a different company or group whilst staying within the Analysis tools.

You can access the company finder by clicking the company name in the top left of Fathom. You can also open the company switcher by pressing ‘/’ on your keyboard.

The company finder is currently only available in the Analysis tools and Report Centre. It's currently not available in your Company settings.

Keyboard shortcuts

Clicking ‘?’ on your keyboard will bring up the list of available shortcuts.

  • Control which period is displayed
    We’ve provided controls to let you quickly pivot to the previous & next period, as well as change the period type (Month, Quarter, Year) that you’re currently viewing.

  • Seamlessly traverse through visualisations
    Easily navigate to the next/previous analysis tool with your up & down arrow keys.

  • Handy quick actions
    Download a PDF report of the tool you’re currently viewing (d), or add a series to the trend chart by opening the variable selector (v) without touching your mouse.

We’ve introduced keyboard shortcuts for common actions in the Analysis tools, but keep your eyes peeled as we start to introduce keyboard shortcuts across other parts of Fathom as well. Navigate with ease, with your keys.

Presentation Mode

In presentation mode, we put the focus on your Analysis tools by removing the app top bar, and expanding your browser to full screen. Presentation mode is great for management meetings with your team, and also great for advisors, when presenting to clients.

You can access Presentation Mode quickly by hovering over the tool and selecting ‘Enter Fullscreen’ or by pressing F11 (or Ctrl + Cmd +  f on macOS).

Period selector

You can make any quarter or year a 'partial period'. This aligns with our reporting and gives you more flexibility in your financial analysis, by giving you the ability to define the ending month for quarter-to-date and year-to-date periods.

You can change between periods quickly using the keyboard shortcuts for the month (m), quarter (q), and year (y).

The sidebar contains a few extra options to help you get the most out of the analysis tools.

  • The sidebar can be pinned so that it remains open for quicker navigation between tools. Do this by selecting the ‘keep menu open’ button.

  • You can select the download icon, found at the bottom of the sidebar, to create a PDF version of any of the analysis tools.

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