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What is a 'company' in Fathom for billing purposes?
What is a 'company' in Fathom for billing purposes?

Explains how companies, divisions and groups are billed for in Fathom

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What is considered a company in Fathom?

A company in Fathom links to a single company file or entity in your accounting system.
In Xero for example, a company is referred to as an organisation. So one Xero organisation will become a single company in Fathom. Similarly, a single QuickBooks Online company will equate to a single company in Fathom. A company loaded from an Excel file also counts as a single company in Fathom.


If you have imported divisions for a company (also called classes, tracking categories, departments, locations, or categories, depending on the accounting software), then these are brought into Fathom as part of the single company. They are not charged for separately.

It is possible to import a division as a 'stand-alone' company. Customers usually do this if they would like to add a budget to a division, use divisions in a consolidated group or benchmark group, or forecast for a division. When a division is imported as a standalone company, it is charged for separately.

Consolidated & Benchmark Groups

Consolidated groups and benchmark groups are not included in company count or pricing. Our standard plans are only billed on the number of imported companies - only the underlying entities in a group will contribute to the overall company count.

Eliminations Company

An Excel eliminations company will count as a single company in Fathom for billing purposes.

If you contact Fathom support, then we will provide you with a free company slot to cover your Eliminations company. You must reach out to our team ( as the Eliminations company is not automatically waived.

Pricing & billing questions?

Our pricing calculator can assist you in calculating your likely monthly subscription amount.

If you have any additional questions or clarifications about pricing or billing, then please reach out to our Support Team at

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