Fathom allows you to import non financial metrics or units, as drivers to perform driver based forecasting, or operational forecasts. Many business owners think about their revenue in terms of how much of a product or service they are delivering, using drivers can help you model these outcomes closely.

With drivers you can build out complex formulas and model business outcomes, based on the inputs. You can also set up drivers to reflect seasonality to capture these nuances in your forecast.

To import Drivers into a Fathom Forecast

To add driver data to your forecast, you’ll want to navigate to the ‘Drivers’ area from the main grid. Here you’re able to add categories and define specific drivers by naming them.

To add a driver:

  1. Click the green ‘+ Create new category’ option to set up a driver category. This could contain all metrics related to a product line, or type of employee etc.

  2. Once you’ve created a category use the green ‘+’ to add a driver

  3. Name the driver

  4. Then, select a value cell to directly input the driver value or add a value rule to calculate.

Using Drivers in your forecast

Drivers can be used in Fathom Formulas by editing value rules on the main grid and in microforecasts to incorporate these forecasts.

When editing a value rule, select ‘Formula’. Once the formula builder is open, type the name of your driver or hit the ‘@’ symbol to link to a driver that you added to the driver grid. These drivers can be integrated as variables in the formula alongside chart of accounts values, or constant numbers directly typed into the formula. For more information on using formulas check out this article.

Reporting on Drivers

You are able to add a table of all of your drivers to PDF reports to complete your management reporting.

To add this table to reports:

  1. Navigate to a draft report in the Report Centre

  2. Open up the ‘Tables & Financials’ from the left-side content library

  3. Click on the second bolded word at the top of the menu that opens

  4. Use the drop down menu to access the ‘Forecasting’ tables. Here you’ll find our drivers table.

For more detail on adding forecasting components to Fathom reports, please see this article.

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