This tool shows a summary of the results for each of your selected KPIs (both financial and non-financial). The KPIs shown here are selected in ‘Step 4: KPIs’ in the setup process.

Choosing a date range

At the top of the tool you can choose to view results for any month, quarter or year. You can also view results for quarter-to-date (QTD) or year-to-date (YTD) periods, and select the ending month for these periods.

Filtering KPIs

You can filter the analysis to focus on 'off track' or 'on track' KPIs.

KPIs can be compared against target, the result for the prior period, and result for the same period last year.


A red alert symbol will indicate if a KPI has hit an alert threshold (defined in 'Step 6 - Alerts' of the company setup).

Benchmarking KPIs

If the company is part of a benchmark group, then the median result for this metric will be displayed along with the percentile in which the company sits. 

If a company is not part of a benchmark group, then the KPIs level of importance will show in this column.

KPI Drilldown

To find out more detail about a KPI, simply click on the KPI. Additional information will populate, including commentary about the KPI, an explanation of how the KPI is calculated, a summary trend chart, and other key numbers. 

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