Creating a Benchmark Group

Group companies to generate your own benchmark data

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Benchmarking in Fathom

Fathom enables you to undertake your own proprietary benchmark studies. A benchmark group is a peer group defined for the purpose of comparative analysis.

Typically, a benchmark group represents a franchise group or a group of related companies. For advisors, a benchmark group may represent a group of clients which operate in a specific industry vertical (e.g. retailers). A benchmark group may also represent all the clients in a firm.

You can create as many benchmark groups as you wish. Benchmark groups are not counted towards your subscription. A company can exist in multiple benchmark groups.

Fathom enables you to have up to 500 companies in a benchmark group.

❗ Note: Fathom does not provide access to external benchmark data, or data from any external organisations. Benchmarking is only available for company data that has been imported into your own Fathom account.

Creating a Benchmark Group

To create a benchmark group:

  1. Go to your ‘My Companies’ page in Fathom

  2. Select the green ‘Add’ button in the upper right corner

  3. Choose ‘Benchmark group’

  4. Type in a name for the group

  5. Add companies to the group ‘+’

  6. If the companies in the group have different currencies, then select a presentation currency for the group

  7. If the companies in the group have different financial year starts, select the starting month of the financial year for the group

  8. Save the changes

As soon as you’ve selected to save the changes, the benchmark group will be created. You can access the group at any time for your ‘My Companies’ page in Fathom.

Next steps

Congratulations on creating your benchmark group! Continue the 'Benchmark Group Creation Workflow' to finish setting up your benchmark group for analysis and additional reporting options by choosing from one of the next steps below:

What you want to do:

Next step in setup process:

Set up your benchmark group’s segmentation for comparing and ranking entities in the group

Already set up segmentation and ready to select KPIs?

Additional knowledge & common questions:

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