Fathom enables you to add a variety of text options in your customisable Fathom reports to tell a story, or call out important information.

You can add text at any time from the ‘Text’ tab in the content sidebar within the Report Editor.

Text options to add to your report include:

  • Text - These are generic text boxes, with a range of formatting options available.

  • Observations - These are logical ‘IF’ statements, which allow you to automate commentary based on the performance of metrics of your choosing.


Adding text boxes to your report

To add text boxes into your report, proceed to the sidebar on the left side of the Report Editor and select the ‘Text’ tab.

You can select a single text box, or two columns of text boxes. Add these into your report by clicking, or dragging and dropping.

Typing and formatting text

Once you've added a text box into your report, you will see a prompt to 'Double click to start typing'.

To format text, highlight any text that you have typed. You will see the following formatting options to provide emphasis, clarity, and structure to your writing.

  • Create headings using 'Title' and 'Subtitle'

  • Numbered and bullet lists

  • Bold, Italic, and Underline

  • Hyperlink

  • Add mention (placeholder - see next paragraph for more detail)


Placeholders allow you to add rich text to your reports that references any financial or non-financial data that has been defined within Fathom. 

This allows you to reference numbers within text without having to manually update them if you run the report again for next month or with a different company. All of the placeholders will automatically update with the up to date data!

Adding a placeholder

You can add a placeholder into your text boxes in 2 ways:

  1. Typing '@' (Shift+2)

  2. Highlight existing text to open the formatting menu, and clicking the final icon for 'Add mention'

What variables can be added to a placeholder?

When you open up the placeholder menu, you can select any metric that has been defined within Fathom. This includes:

  • KPIs. This is any custom KPIs that you've created (eg. non-financials, formula KPIs), and default KPIs.

  • Summary P&L or Balance Sheet classifications

  • Any account from your Chart of Accounts. This includes headings and subheadings that you've created in 'Step 3 - Chart of Accounts'. We will sum all of the accounts that are contained within the heading.

What time period can I select for my placeholder?

Once you've selected the metric for the placeholder, you can select the time period to display. There are a large range of options, including:

  • This month

  • Prior periods (last month, same month last year)

  • Budget/target

  • This quarter, YTD, rolling 12 months, and more

Can I have variance calculations in a placeholder?

You can’t have variance calculations in a placeholder. But Key Numbers can be used to input variance figures into reports.

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