Reporting on the benchmark group

There is not a Report Centre for a benchmark group and you are unable to create reports for a benchmark group; however, when creating custom Fathom reports for an underlying company in a benchmark group, you are able to reference the underlying company’s performance in the benchmark group.

Fathom enables comparison between an underlying company's performance and the benchmark group by allowing you to bring the compare tool into reports in the underlying companies.

Adding the compare tool to a report

To add the compare tool as a chart in a report:

  1. Go the the ‘Reports’ for an underlying company in the benchmark group

  2. In a draft report or under ‘edit’ mode in a published report, select ‘Charts’ from the left side toolbar

  3. At the top of the menu that opens click the bolded selector to reveal a dropdown menu. Choose ‘Revenue’, ‘Costs & Expenses’, or ‘Profitability’.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, and select the ‘Benchmark’ chart to add it to a report

Editing the benchmark chart

Once you add the ‘Benchmark Chart’ to a report, you’re able to edit the chart. Hover over the chart in the report and select the green ‘Pencil’ icon that appears in the top right corner of the chart. This will open the chart’s ‘Properties’ menu.

In the ‘Properties’ menu, you can edit:

  • At the top of the menu, you can choose to look at month, quarter, or year results for the metric.

  • In the ‘Metrics’ section of the menu, you can select ‘edit’ to change the metric being compared in the chart

  • If there is a ‘Benchmark Group’ section, then the company is in more than one benchmark group. You can choose the benchmark group being referenced in the chart in this section.

  • In the ‘Sort by’ section, you can choose to sort the chart by result, alphabetically, or by a segment category.

  • If you sort the chart according to a category, then the ‘Filter’ section will appear and you can choose to display results only for a specific segment in that category.

  • You can also check the option to include a summary table, which lists the result for the underlying company, the median for the group, the rank of the underlying company in the group, and the percentile for the underlying company.

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