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Editing a report
Brand or white label your report
Brand or white label your report

Add a custom background image and a company or organization logo to your report

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Branding and customisation options

You can white label and rebrand your Fathom report or template by designing a Header for your report.

The online header includes a background image, logo, and text outlining the date when the report was published.

To customise the header while editing a report or template,

  1. Hover over the header section

  2. Click on the ‘Edit Header’ button that appears.

Note: Fathom has online and PDF versions of the reports, and you will need to customise the header for both. After clicking 'Edit Header', select the ‘Online’ tab in the top right of your screen. For more on PDF customisation, see 'Print settings for Reports (PDF)'.

Changing your logo

After adding your logo to Fathom (either for your entire organisation, or for a single company), you'll be able to replace the Fathom logo on custom report templates.

You can edit the logo for the report by selecting one of the alternate logos from the dropdown menu.

There are 4 logo options:

Changing your header background

You can choose a custom background colour, or upload a custom background image by selecting 'Image Fill' and choosing an image from your computer.

An uploaded image must be:

  • Up to 1MB

  • A .jpg, .png, or .svg file type

For online report headers, we recommend uploading a background image with dimensions of 1500px x 750px. That said, the report header is responsive, which means the background image will automatically resize in different browser windows. Essentially, most image dimensions will look good.

If you'd like us to resize your background image for you, send the image to with the subject line: 'Header image optimisation'.

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