Consolidated Group Reporting

Additional reporting capabilities for consolidations, including financial statements split up by underlying company

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Consolidated reporting

All the reports and reporting components you are familiar with in a single company are also available for a consolidated group. There are also reporting options that are only available in consolidated groups.

In consolidated custom Fathom reports, you can add:

There are also additional Excel reports available for download in consolidated groups:

  • Company-by-company consolidated financial results

  • Company-by-company consolidated budget results

💡 Pro Tip: To change the terms used in the financial statements (e.g., 'Statement of Activities' instead of 'Profit & Loss', you'll want to change the terminology for the consolidated group.

Fathom's consolidated reporting options

Financials and budgets by company

You can add a consolidated financial statement or budget that shows the amount from each underlying company as well as the consolidated total, to your consolidated report. To add this financial statement to a custom consolidated report:

  1. In the Report Centre for the consolidated group, go to a draft report to edit the report

  2. In the report, hover over the section title. A ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ option will appear to the far right of the section name. Click on the option to change the orientation. You’ll likely want a landscape orientation, depending on the number of companies in your consolidated group.

  3. In the left side toolbar, select ‘Tables & Financials

  4. In the menu that options, click the second bolded option at the top to reveal a dropdown menu.

  5. Select ‘Financials by Company’ from the drop-down menu

  6. Select to add a Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet to your report

Once you’ve added the table to your report, you’re able to edit the table to customize it to your reporting needs.

To edit the table,

  1. Double-click the table or hover over it and click the green ‘Pencil’ icon that appears.

  2. In the menu on the right, some of the editing options you have include:

    • Selecting the drop-down menu, to change the table to a ‘Profit & Loss’, ‘Balance Sheet’, ‘Cash Flow Statement’ or a financial ‘Snippet’

    • Filtering the table to display the actuals or budget

    • Adding or removing columns or companies from display on the table

    • Showing results before or after eliminations

    • In the ‘Rows’ section, changing the level of detail or number of accounts shown in the financial statement

💡 Pro Tip: If eliminations and adjustments have been made in a consolidated group, these will be combined in an 'Other' column instead of an 'Eliminations' column.

Displaying underlying company financials

To display the results of individual, underlying companies in a consolidated report, you’ll need to edit a financial statement table:

  1. In a draft report or in ‘Edit’ mode for a published report, select the ‘Tables & Financials’ option from the left side toolbar

  2. In the menu on the right, click the second bolded option that appears at the top to reveal a dropdown menu.

  3. Select ‘Financials’ from the dropdown menu

  4. Choose to add a statement to your report

  5. Once you’ve added the statement to your report, hover over it and select the green ‘Pencil’ icon that appears. This will open up the table’s ‘Properties’ menu.

  6. Under the ‘Company Filter’ section of the table, you’re able to change the filter from ‘All companies’ to one of the underlying companies to display the financials for that individual company in the table.

  7. Other options for editing the table include:

    • Selecting the second filter option, to change the table to a ‘Profit & Loss’, ‘Balance Sheet’, ‘Cash Flow Statement’ or a financial ‘Snippet’

    • Adding budget and variance columns (amongst others) to the table by selecting the ‘Add or remove’ columns option

    • In the ‘Rows’ section, change the level of detail or layout of the financial statement.

  8. Select ‘Apply changes

Adding a breakdown analysis chart to a consolidated report

Because there is an additional breakdown analysis tool available in consolidated groups, you’re able to add this tool to a report for an additional visual reporting component. To add a breakdown analysis chart to your consolidated report:

  1. In a draft custom Fathom report or in ‘Edit’ mode for a published report, select the ‘Charts’ option from the left side toolbar

  2. In the menu that opens, click the bolded option at the top to reveal a dropdown menu.

  3. Select ‘Revenue’, ‘Costs & Expenses’, ‘Profitability’, or ‘Efficiency’

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and choose a breakdown chart type.

  5. After adding the breakdown chart to your report, hover over the chart and select the green ‘Pencil’ icon to open the chart’s ‘Properties’ menu.

  6. This will allow you to edit or customise the chart as desired. Some editing option options for the breakdown chart include:

    • Filtering by company or account

    • Changing the metric or account classification being broken down in the chart

    • Sorting the chart by result or alphabetically

    • Displaying all companies on the chart, or only the top or bottom companies

  7. Select 'Apply changes'

Consolidated Excel Reports

Side-by-side consolidated financial results

The Excel consolidated financial results are additional valuable reports for consolidated groups.

This report provides a side-by-side view of your companies along with the consolidated financials. The report also includes the eliminations in your consolidated group and presents the exchange rates used (if applicable).

To access this report,

  1. Go to 'Reports' for your consolidated group

  2. Select 'Excel Reports' from the left sidebar

  3. Hover over the 'Consolidated Financial Results, including eliminations' or 'Multi-currency Consolidated Financial Results, including eliminations' report.

  4. Select the 'Cloud' icon to the right of the report name.

Inter-company eliminations and exchange rate adjustments (if applicable) are also displayed in the report.

The comments provide a helpful way to view the amounts before or after translation.

Side-by-side consolidated budget results

The same report can be downloaded to show the side-by-side view of the budgets coming from each underlying entity. The report is useful for auditing the consolidated budget figures and viewing the impact of any eliminations or translated amounts to the underlying budgets.

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