Adding a budget

You can add a budget directly from QBO to a company with financials sourced from QBO. While you can create multiple budgets in QBO, Fathom allows one budget to be connected at a time.  

You also have the option to import an Excel budget for your QuickBooks Online company. For more info, see Import Budget from Excel.

Note: Budgets cannot be imported from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise. The Excel budget import can be used to import a budget for a Desktop based company.

Updating a budget

Fathom allows you to easily change the budget connected from QBO. You can change the budget connected to Fathom at any time in Step 1: Update data. Simply go to Step 1 and click 'Update from Quickbooks Online'. You'll then be able to select the new budget from the drop-down menu:

Budgets and Tracking Categories

If you import your Class or Locations a standalone company, you can add a budget to this company using Excel.

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