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FAQ: Why is my KPI calculating a null result?
FAQ: Why is my KPI calculating a null result?

An explanation why a Fathom default or custom KPI may be yielding a null result, or the ' - ' symbol

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When a KPI cannot be calculated the ‘ - ’ symbol will show up as a placeholder result.

Default KPIs

Balance sheet ratios:

If one of the variables is negative, the ratio will not yield a result.

For example, Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities. If Total Current Liabilities is negative, the ratio will not calculate, and will yield a null result.

To find out which variables are used in calculating a default KPI, visit the KPI Glossary.

Custom KPIs

Non-Financial KPIs:

If a Non-Financial KPI is yielding a null result, non-financial data for the period being viewed may not have been imported into Fathom. To update and import the non-financial data, go to ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ of the company’s Settings.

Note: For KPIs in consolidated groups, the Non-Financial data must be imported and up to date in each of the underlying companies before updating the consolidation.

Formula KPIs:

If a Formula KPI is returning a null result, the account or data it is referencing may not be up to date in Fathom. To view a custom KPI’s formula, you’ll need to go to ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ in the company’s Settings and edit the KPI.

If an account referenced in a Formula KPI is not in the company’s Chart of Accounts, a null result will be returned. This might happen if an account has been removed from the Chart of Accounts in the source accounting system. To verify that an account is included in the company’s Chart of Accounts go to ‘Step 3’ in the company’s Settings.

Similarly, if a formula KPI references a Non-Financial KPI in its formula and data for the Non-Financial KPI has not been imported for the period, both the Formula KPI and the Non-Financial KPI will yield a null result.

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