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Add or remove a Disclaimer Statement
Add or remove a Disclaimer Statement

Learn how to include or remove a disclaimer statement (Basis of Preparation page) for your PDF reports

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Disclaimer Statement (Basis of Preparation)

Within your Fathom account, you will have the ability to include a Disclaimer Statement in your reports, also known as a ‘Basis of Preparation’ page.

This disclaimer statement is helpful to include if you wish to clearly specify the rights and obligations of all parties on the use of the report. It can be used to reinforce the confidentiality of sensitive data, provide context on how the report has been prepared, and specify whether the report can be used or copied in other documentation.

The disclaimer statement can be included in two kinds of reports in Fathom:

Activate the disclaimer statement

By default, the disclaimer statement is not activated for your account. You will need to actively turn this on.

Note: Only Admin users will be able to activate the disclaimer statement.

To do so: 

  1. From the top black bar of the 'My Companies' page, select the 'Cog/Gear' icon

  2. Select 'Organisation settings' from the drop-down menu

  3. On the left-hand side, select 'Report Defaults'

  4. Scroll down to the 'Report Disclaimer' section

  5. Tick the checkbox for 'Include report disclaimer by default'

Add or remove the disclaimer in a report

When editing a custom Fathom report or template, you can open the Report Settings by selecting the 'Cog/Gear' icon in the lower right corner. Tick the checkbox to include the disclaimer statement when downloading the PDF version of a report.

Terms of Use (Client Disclaimer)

In addition to a disclaimer statement for reports, you can choose to require ‘client’ users to accept custom Terms and Conditions before using Fathom for the first time.

This serves a similar purpose to the disclaimer statement but can be helpful in clarifying the rights and obligations from the first time a client starts using Fathom.

You can access the client disclaimer from the 'Organisation Profile' of the 'Organisation Settings'.

Notice: Only Admin users will have access to this feature.

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