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Create custom reports in Fathom and edit predefined templates

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Introduction to the Report Editor

The 'Report Editor' enables you to create and edit reports and report templates.

Fathom's reports are viewable online or downloadable to PDF, giving you flexibility on how to present your reports to others.

Once you've customised your report using the Report Editor, you can save it as a template to easily re-use in the future, share with other companies, and schedule future reports.

How to use the Report Editor

With the Report Editor, you’re able to add components to a report and rearrange those components. You can find all of your components in the Content Library of the left sidebar.

The tabs in the Content Library enable you to add the following types of components to your report:

The ‘Outline’ tab allows you to easily rearrange, reorder, and edit entire sections of your report.

💡Pro Tip: Use the ‘Search’ feature (magnifying glass) in the sidebar to quickly search for components. Use the keyboard shortcut ‘/’ to search for components at any time.

Adding and editing components in your report

To add and/or edit a reporting component:

  1. Select the appropriate tab from the Content Library (e.g. Text, Charts, Tables & Financials, or Layouts)

  2. Use the bolded smart filters at the top of the menus that open to sort through and view all of the components in that tab.

  3. Click a component to add it to the report. You can also grab and drag a component into a report.

  4. After a component has been added to a report, you can double click the component or hover over it and select the green ‘Pencil’ icon to edit the component.

Customising the layout of components

Once you've added components into your report, you can start to customise the design. You can easily:

  • Drag and drop your components within a section to quickly reposition them

  • Resize your components by hovering your mouse and dragging the arrow at the far right or bottom border

    ❗ Note: Resizing is not free form. The report component will automatically snap to 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, or 100% of the page width/height. And not all components can be resized. Only textboxes, and certain charts or graphs are able to be resized.

  • Duplicate your components by hovering your mouse over the component and clicking the ‘Duplicate’ icon in the top right of the component. This will create an exact copy directly next to (or below) the original component.

  • Start on a new page. Access this by hovering your mouse and clicking the ‘Three dot’ icon in the top right of a component. This creates a page break in the section, which will force the component onto a new page when viewing the PDF version of the report (but not the online report).

Bulk Actions for components

For increased efficiency, select multiple components to perform bulk actions by:

  • Clicking the checkbox in the top left of each component

  • Drag-select multiple components

  • Select a component using the checkbox, then 'Shift+click' another component to select everything in between

Once you have selected multiple components, a bulk action menu will appear at the top of the screen and you will have options to:

  • Move to a different section. This will remove the components from their current section, and add them into the selected section.

  • Copy to a different section. This will duplicate or copy components into the selected section.

  • Delete multiple components at a single time

You can view the number of components selected in the top right of the screen. You can also choose to deselect all components.

Can I copy my own charts, graphs, or images into Fathom reports?

Right now, you're not able to add external charts or images to the Fathom reports. Everything in the reports must be created using Fathom components.

However, you have access to a range of custom text options, charts, and financial tables to help you create the report that you're looking for.

Preview the published version of a report

While viewing a draft report, you can switch to preview the published version of your report,

  1. Hover over the dark grey 'Screen' icon in the top right corner of the report.

  2. The icon will switch to say 'Preview'. Select the icon.

  3. You'll now be able to see what your report will look like once published. You can also see any comments left by other users if you've turned on the option to enable comments.

  4. To switch back to the draft view, simply click the dark grey 'Edit' icon that now appears in the top right corner of a report

Next steps

Now that you've learned the general functions of the Report Editor, you can learn more about each type of editing tool and reporting component more in depth. Choose to learn about one of the other areas of reporting to continue creating your custom report:

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Want to add commentary and other text options to your report?

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