Importing financials from MYOB AccountRight

Uploading & updating your financial data from MYOB AccountRight

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Adding a company to Fathom from MYOB AccountRight

To import data from MYOB AccountRight, you will need to download and install the Fathom Desktop Connector. After installation, you will be able to upload data from your MYOB files into Fathom.

The Fathom Desktop Connector will work with the three most recent versions of MYOB AccountRight. In cases where we do not integrate directly, we suggest using Excel to import your data.

Installing the Fathom Desktop Connector

To import data from a MYOB file (.myo or .myox), please download and install the Desktop Connector. After installation, you will be able to extract and upload data from your MYOB files. For system requirements and other information please see our article on the Fathom Desktop Connector.

To install the Fathom Desktop Connector:

  1. From the Fathom ‘My Companies’ page, select the green ‘Add’ button in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose ‘Company’

  3. Then, select ‘MYOB’

  4. In the following screen, under the heading 'MYOB Desktop' click 'Launch the Fathom Desktop Connector'.

  5. Open the Fathom Desktop Connector to launch it.

    Note: The Desktop Connector must be located on the same machine as the MYOB AccountRight file.

  6. The Desktop Connector will ask you to enter your Fathom credentials.

  7. Once you’ve entered your Fathom credentials, select the Fathom organization you want to import the MYOB AccountRight file into, if you have access to multiple Fathom organizations.

  8. You’re now ready to import your MYOB AccountRight file into Fathom.

⚠️ Error Alert: Is the Fathom Desktop Connector not working? Please see our Desktop Connector issues article.

Connecting Fathom to your MYOB AccountRight file

After launching the Desktop Connector, follow these steps to import your company data into Fathom:

  1. Start MYOB AccountRight and open your company file.

  2. Ensure it is the only company file open in MYOB AccountRight.

  3. Within the Fathom Desktop Connector, click 'Add Files' to select your MYOB AccountRight file (.myo or .myox). This should be the same file you opened in MYOB.

  4. You should see your MYOB file listed in the Fathom Desktop Connector. Select ‘Upload to Fathom’.

The connector will securely extract the financial statement data for all periods within the MYOB file. This includes data for the prior, current, and future financial years.

After the file is uploaded to Fathom, you’ll be prompted with a message to take you to your ‘My Companies’ page in Fathom. You should see the company listed on the ‘My Companies’ page where you’ll be able to access the settings, analysis, reports, and forecasting tools.

⚠️ Error Alert: Trying to connect your MYOB AccountRight company to Fathom and receiving an error? Please see our MYOB connection issues article.

Updating your MYOB AccountRight company in Fathom

To update your financials from MYOB AccountRight, you’ll need to use the Fathom Desktop Connector to re-import the MYOB AccountRight file.

  1. Open your company file in MYOB. Ensure there are no other company files open.

  2. Open the Fathom Desktop Connector on your machine. If you need to re-download the Fathom Desktop Connector, you can do so by going to ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ of the company’s Settings. Select the grey ‘Update from MYOB’ button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can re-download the Connector.

  3. If necessary, log back into the Connector.

  4. In the Connector, select the ‘+ Add Files’ button and choose the MYOB AccountRight file for the company.

  5. You should see your MYOB company file listed in the Fathom Desktop Connector. Select ‘Upload to Fathom’.

Next steps

Congratulations on connecting your MYOB AccountRight company to Fathom! Finish setting up your company for analysis, reporting, and forecasting by continuing on in the 'Getting Started Workflow'. Choose from the next steps below:

What you want to do:

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Want to import a budget for the company? You can import a budget from Excel.

Happy with the above and ready to begin setting up your Company Profile?

💡Pro Tip: If you want to consolidate several companies in Fathom, we recommend importing and completing the setup process for each company before creating a consolidated group.

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