To access the setup, hover over a company in the 'My Companies' screen, and click the cog icon. In 'Step 1: Update Data', you can update financial results, budget data and non-financial KPIs.

If your financials are sourced from a cloud-based system (Xero, Quickbooks Online or MYOB AccountRight Live), Fathom will automatically update your financial data each night, to the nearest completed month. You can switch this feature off by unticking the 'automatic update' option, under financials. 

Importing current month data

To import preliminary (or partial month) data into Fathom, you will simply need to select this data by following these steps:

  1. In Step 1: Update Data, click 'Update from Xero' 
  2. Select the current month

Fathom will then continue to automatically update to the current month-to-date.  

Removing financial periods

If required, you can delete previously imported financial periods. This is useful if you have imported results for incomplete periods, which may be distorting QTD or YTD analysis. Click 'Remove Periods' next to your financial date range.  

Removing a budget

If required, you can delete a previously imported budget. This is useful if you wish to replace this budget with another budget.

When you have finished adding or updating data, please proceed to 'Step 2'.

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