What are 'Non-Financial KPIs'?

Non-financial KPIs are metrics where the data is not contained in your Profit & Loss Statement, or Balance sheet.

When you first import data into Fathom, we will only bring in financial data from the P&L and Balance sheet. You can then supplement this financial data in Fathom with your own non-financial data.

Non-financials KPIs can be customised to suit any business or industry. You can define your own metrics or select from a range of recommended non-financial KPIs available in the KPI Library.  

For example, you could create KPIs to help monitor the efficiency of business operations, track customer satisfaction levels, measure staff performance, monitor the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities, and many other applications.

At present, non-financial results can be added manually or via Excel. There are no direct integrations with non-financial data sources currently (i.e POS, inventory management, CRM or marketing systems). 

Adding non-financial results

❗ Note: Before importing or adding results for non-financial KPIs, please ensure that you have selected or created the non-financial KPIs which are relevant for your business. To create non-financial KPIs, proceed to 'Step 4: KPIs' in the company settings, and click 'Create a KPI'.

Unlike financial KPIs, result data for non-financial KPIs is not sourced directly from your accounting system, and it must be imported to Fathom separately.

After you have created your non-financial KPIs (see above Note), there are two options for importing non-financial KPI results, outlined below.

Add non-financial KPI results manually

You can choose to manually key in your non-financial results directly to Fathom. This is useful if you only have a few non-financial KPIs to update.

To manually add results directly into Fathom, proceed to 'Step 1 - Update data' in the company settings.

Click 'Add results' under the heading for 'Non-financials'.

Importing non-financial KPI results from Excel

You can also choose to import your non-financial results using an Excel spreadsheet.

This is useful if you have multiple non-financial KPIs to update, as you can upload multiple periods of results in a single upload.

For more information on this process, view the following help article: Import non-financial KPI results using Excel.

Targets for Non-Financial data

You are able to input target data for non-financial KPIs in 'Settings > Step 5 - Targets' for a company.

Target data can only be inputted manually. There is currently no option to import target data for Non-financials via Excel.

For more information on importing and updating, see the following help article: Non-Financial KPI Targets.

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