It's not possible to directly change the data source for an existing company. You would need to delete the old company, and then import the new company.

Retaining Historical Data 

Ideally you will be able to transfer your historical data to your new data source however this is not always possible. If you wish to retain historical data, please see this article on merging companies with historical data.

If you are not required to retain historical data, or are able to transfer them to the new company then we recommend the following approach in order to help with the retention of your company settings.

Transfer company level KPIs to your KPI Library

  1. In the old company, go to 'Step 4: Select KPIs' in the 'Settings' for a company.
  2. Edit any formula, account watch or custom KPI that is not already in your KPI Library.
  3. Choose to move the KPI to the library. This will make it available to the new company.

Copy settings

  1. In the old company, proceed to 'Settings > Step 2 - Update Data' and edit the company name (eg. *Company*_old)
  2. Import the new company from the new source
  3. In the new company, proceed to 'Settings > Step 3 - Chart of Accounts', scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Copy settings from another company'
  4. Copy all settings from the old company. 

Copy custom templates

  1. In the old company, proceed to 'Reports > Custom templates'
  2. Hover your mouse over the custom template, and click 'More (3 dot icon) > Copy to another company'
  3. Copy the custom template to the new company

Copy non-financial data

  1. In the old company, go to 'Step 1: Update Data' and download all your custom KPI data to an excel spreadsheet.
  2. In the new company, go to the same place and upload the excel file.

You are then free to delete the old company from Fathom if you wish. We recommend using your new company for a short while before deleting the old company.

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