Consolidating KPIs

Step 4 - Roll up KPIs from underlying companies to use within a consolidated group

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Selecting default KPIs in your consolidated group

When creating a consolidated group for the first time, Fathom will provide you with several default Financial KPIs in 'Step 4 - KPIs' of the consolidated group settings. You can click 'Show all KPIs' to see every single default KPI that can be used in your consolidated group.

If you click to check the box next to the KPI, it will become active so you can view it in the analysis tools. You’re able to reference active and non-active KPIs in consolidated reports.

Creating consolidated custom KPIs

Whilst default Financial KPIs are useful, you'll likely want to create and use some of your own custom KPIs in your consolidated group.

You are not able to create custom KPIs from a consolidated group. Custom KPIs must first be created in one of the underlying companies and then added to the KPI Library. They will then flow automatically into the consolidated group.

To add a custom KPI to the KPI Library:

  1. Go to ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ in one of the underlying companies in the consolidated group. If the group has not yet been created, then go to one of the underlying companies that will be in the group.

  2. Select the option to create a custom KPI. Choose to create a non-financial, account watch, or formula KPI.

  3. While creating the KPI, check the box to ‘Add this to your KPI Library’

    Note: Only Admin level users will be able to add KPIs to the KPI Library.

  4. Finish creating the custom KPI

You’ll need to add the custom KPI to the KPI Library in at least one of the underlying companies of the consolidated group. Once the group is created, the KPI will automatically flow through all of the underlying companies and into the consolidated group.

💡Pro Tip: A KPI can be added to the Library at any time once it has been created. Simply go to 'Step 4 - KPIs' in settings and click 'Edit' on the KPI. You will have the option to check the box to add it to the KPI Library. For more detail on how to use the KPI Library, please see the ‘KPI Library’ article.

Where to find your custom KPIs in a consolidated group

Once your custom KPIs have been added to the KPI library in an underlying company, they will automatically flow through into the consolidated group and appear in 'Step 4 - KPIs' of the consolidated group after updating the group.

You can find your custom KPIs at the bottom of your KPI list, under the heading 'Custom KPIs'.

I still can't find my KPIs in the consolidated group

It may be the case that you've followed all of the above steps and are still not seeing your custom KPIs in the KPI list for the consolidated group.

This can potentially occur when your KPI is referencing divisions, also known as:

  • Tracking categories (Xero)

  • Classes/locations (QuickBooks)

  • Jobs/categories (MYOB)

Fathom is unable to drill down into divisional results from a consolidated group. As a result, any KPIs that reference divisional results will not be available in a consolidated group, regardless if they have been added to the KPI library.

Next steps

Congratulations on setting up and organising your KPIs! Any decisions you made in 'Step 4 - KPIs' can be changed at any time, if needed. Finish setting up your company for analysis, reporting, and forecasting by choosing from one of the next steps below:

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