Setting Alerts in a Consolidated Group

Step 6 - Set alerts for your consolidation's KPIs

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Setting alerts for your group

In 'Step 6: Alerts' for the consolidated group, you can set alert thresholds for certain KPIs. An alert threshold represents a critical level which may indicate that the consolidation is experiencing financial stress in a given area.

As an example, an alert may trigger when 'Accounts Receivable Days' exceed a specific result, or when the cash held by the business drops below a certain amount.

Each alert can either be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’. For those that are turned 'on', you can specify an alert threshold.

When an alert is triggered, a notification appears within the Fathom analysis tools and reports. Alerts are visible in the group’s KPI Analysis tools.

It is important to note that alerts in a consolidated group are not aggregated from the underlying companies, but rather are defined specifically against the consolidated group.

Next steps

Congratulations on setting up your consolidated group in Fathom! If you want to change any of the decisions you made while setting up your group, simply return to the appropriate step in your consolidated group’s Settings. Now you can begin analysing your consolidation's performance, reporting on your consolidated group, and forecasting for the group.

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