Set Targets in a Consolidated Group

Step 5 - Set targets to measure the performance of your consolidated financial and non-financial KPIs

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Setting targets in a consolidated group

After creating consolidated KPIs, you may want to create targets to track the performance of those KPIs.

Targets for a consolidated group are defined in the consolidated group Settings under 'Step 5: Set Targets'.

Targets can be applied on fixed or variable bases. On a fixed basis, the same fixed target will be applied each month for a KPI. Fathom will automatically calculate the target for each quarter (or QTD period) and year (or YTD period) based on the KPI’s aggregation type.

Alternatively, you can vary a KPI's target for each month. To do this you will need to select the method 'use variable targets' at the top of this screen. Variable targets can be used to account for seasonality or growth in the business.

The unit of measure (%, $, days, etc.) for a target is defined by the KPI that you are applying it to.

💡Pro Tip: If you need to change the unit of measure or aggregation type, you’ll need to edit the KPI. To do this, go to ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ in one of the underlying companies in the consolidated group, hover over the KPI, and select the ‘Edit’ option that appears.

Using budgets to set consolidated targets

It is important to note that targets in a consolidated group are not aggregated from the underlying entities, but rather defined specifically against the consolidated group. The default targets in the consolidated group are arbitrary numbers.

Unlike targets, budgets are consolidated in the group and automatically roll up from the underlying companies. If budgets have been added to underlying companies, then the consolidated budget can be used to help set the targets for financial KPIs by checking the option to ‘Use Budgets’ to set a target.

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Congratulations on setting up targets for your consolidation! Any decisions you made while setting up your targets in Fathom can be changed at any time, if needed. Finish setting up your consolidated group for analysis, reporting, and forecasting.

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