Updating a Consolidated Group

How to update data and change configuration for a consolidation

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When results (financial or non-financial) for any member of the group are updated, Fathom will prompt you to manually update the group to ensure that the group data is reflective of the underlying members.

💡Pro Tip: The consolidated group will be as up to date as the underlying companies. Therefore, if you've made any changes to the financials in the source accounting system of the underlying companies, you'll need to make sure the underlying companies are up to date before updating the consolidated group.

Update financials and non-financials

You can update a consolidated group from the group's landing page or the group's Settings. To update the group from the group's landing page:

  1. From the 'My Companies' page, click on the name of the consolidated group. This will take you to the group's landing page.

  2. In the upper right corner of the group's landing page, select the green 'Update group' button.

  3. Select the date range for the group.

    Note: Once you change the start date for the group, you will not be able to add prior periods back to the group. Do not change the group's date range starting month unless you no longer want to include that data in the group and will not want to include it in the group in the future.

  4. Select to 'Update Data'

To update a group, from the group's 'Settings':

  1. Click on the Settings for the group.

  2. In 'Step 1 - Update Data' of the consolidated group, select 'Update Consolidated Group'.

  3. Select the date range of data to include for the group.

  4. Click 'Update Data'

    💡Pro Tip: When updating the group from 'Step 1 - Update Data' in the group's Settings, the option for automatic updates will need to be turned off in order to be able to change the group's date range. To update the consolidated group's date range from 'Step 1 - Update Data', you would uncheck 'automatic updates,' click on the 'Update Consolidated Group' button, and choose the appropriate date range. Then, you could turn automatic updates back on.

Add or remove member companies

You can add entities to or remove them from a group in the consolidated group's Settings or from the consolidated group's landing page. You must have at least two companies in the group to be able to remove a company from the group.

You can add or remove member companies from the group's 'Settings' or the group's landing page.

To add or remove companies via the group's landing page:

  1. From the 'My Companies' page, click on the consolidated group's name to go to the group's landing page

  2. To add a company to the group, select the green '+ Add company' option at the bottom of the list of underlying companies. Add a company to the group and select the green 'Save changes' option to save your changes.

  3. To remove a company from the group, click on the 'three dot' icon to the far right of the company's name for the company you want to remove. Then, select the 'Remove' option.

To add or remove member companies via the group's 'Settings':

  1. Go to the 'Settings' for the consolidated group

  2. Select 'Step 1 - Update Data'

  3. Select the 'manage group' option next to the list of member companies

  4. Add companies to or remove them from the group

  5. Select the green 'Save changes' option to save the changes you've made

Want to create and set up a consolidated group?

We recommend going through our 'Consolidation Creation & Set Up Workflow'. You can access the beginning of this workflow using the option below:

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