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Save and maintain your KPIs in a single location. KPI Library allows you to copy KPIs to other companies within your Fathom account.

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The KPI library stores all KPIs that you wish to reuse. It allows you to store all KPIs in a single location, and apply them to any company within your account. The library is also necessary for tracking custom KPIs in Consolidated Groups.

Note: Only ‘Admin’ level users have access to create or edit Library KPIs. For more information on User access, see User roles and permissions.

Using the KPI library

There are several uses for the KPI library.

Quickly create predefined non-financial KPIs

Fathom provides a number of predefined non-financial KPIs.

You can quickly add these KPIs to your company by selecting them from the KPI library. Some commonly used KPIs are absenteeism, customer satisfaction, new customers, and more.

Note: Fathom does not automatically pull in data for these non-financial KPIs. For more information on how to import non-financial KPI data, please view this guide.

Save your custom KPIs to copy to other companies

If you wish to use a custom KPI you've created with other companies, you can save it to your KPI library. 

You can then easily select a previously created KPI from the library, rather than having to recreate it from scratch.

This saves time when setting up a new company.

Use custom KPIs in consolidation/benchmark groups

Custom KPIs MUST be saved to the KPI library in order to be used in your consolidated and benchmark groups.

A Library KPI must be added to at least one underlying company in order to flow through to the consolidated group. See below for instructions on adding a Library KPI to a company.

Adding custom KPIs to the KPI library

You are able to add any custom KPIs to the KPI library when you first create them in 'Step 4 - KPIs'. 

Select 'Create a KPI', and create any Non-financial, Account watch, Formula, or Tracking KPI.

In the following window, you will see a checkbox option to 'Add this KPI to your library'.

Note: Only Admin level users will have access to this option

Alternatively, a KPI can be added to the Library at any time once it has been created. Simply go to 'Step 4 - KPIs' in settings and click 'Edit' on the KPI. You will be brought to the same screen as above, then select the checkbox to add the KPI to the Library.

KPI Library location

The KPI library can be accessed from 2 locations.

Within Step 4 - KPIs

You are able to access the KPI library within 'Settings > Step 4 - KPIs > Create a KPI > 'KPI Library'. 

Accessing the KPI library from Step 4 enables you to quickly add a KPI saved in your KPI library to the company.

From the Administration menu

Note: This option is only available to Admin level users.

Admin users can access the KPI library from the Administration menu (cog icon), located in the top right of Fathom.

Accessing the KPI library from the settings menu allows you to:

  • Edit KPIs in the KPI library

  • Delete KPIs in the KPI library

  • Add a new KPI to the KPI library

  • Create new folders in the KPI library

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