Any user from your organisation with 'Administrator' permissions can delete companies from your Fathom account.

To do this, login to your Fathom account. From the My Companies screen, you can hover over the company you wish to delete. Click the three dots at the end of the row, and then click 'Delete' for the selected company.

All financial and non-financial data associated with this company will then be deleted from your account.

Note: Deleting a company will not automatically cancel or downgrade your Fathom subscription.

At any time, you can add this company to Fathom again. Alternatively, you can add another company in its place.

You can also delete a company from the 'Administration' menu:

  1. Select the Administration menu (cog icon) from the top right menu

  2. Select "Delete a company/group"

  3. Then click “delete” for a selected company or group.

The same process above is used to delete consolidated groups and benchmark groups.

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