When setting up your Fathom account with multiple companies, you can take advantage of the ability to 'Copy settings from another company'. 

This can help you speed up the setup process, particularly if the companies are quite similar in terms of industry and type of business.

For clarity, we'll refer to the two companies in this article as:

  • Master company - the company that you want to copy settings from

  • Duplicate company - the company that you want to copy settings to

Where can I copy settings?

You can find this feature available in the company settings in any of the following pages:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  2. Click on 'Copy settings from another company'.

    📝 Note: Make sure that you're in the settings for the duplicate company

  3. A pop-up modal will appear. In the dropdown box, select the master company that you'd like to copy settings from.

  4. You can then choose to copy some or all of the following settings:


How settings are copied from one company or group to another depends on the type of setting you've selected to copy. You can then choose to copy some or all of the following settings:

Chart of Accounts (CoA) Layout

This option will copy the CoA layout from the master company, which includes:

This will only affect accounts that exist in both companies. Unique accounts will not be modified, or copied across. Fathom will recognise accounts as the same by the account name, and not the account code.

For more detailed information on copying the CoA layout, view the following article: Copying Chart of Accounts layout between companies or groups.


Selecting this option will copy the configuration of the 'Step 4 - KPIs' page from the master company. This includes:

  • Default & Library KPIs selected in the master company. Not-relevant KPIs will also be copied, but marked as not-relevant in the company being copied to.

  • Order of the KPIs

  • KPI importance (star rating)

  • Category names

  • Category order

📝 Note: existing KPIs that are not in the master company will be disabled.

This does not include:

  • Any KPIs which are not from the organisation’s KPI Library.

  • Any categories which include only company specific KPIs.

  • Financial KPIs and any Formula KPIs that depend on the financials, if the company being copied to doesn’t have those financials.


Selecting this option will copy the configuration of the 'Step 5 - Targets' page from the master company. This includes:

  • Whether to use 'same' or 'variable' targets each month

  • Whether budgets should be used for target values (if the company being copied to has a budget)

  • The target values for KPIs which the master company has in common with the duplicate company.

This does not include:

  • Target values for unique KPIs that don't exist in both companies

  • Budget values are never copied - only the underlying target values which would be used if a KPI was not set to use budgets.


Selecting this option will copy the configuration of the 'Step 6 - Alerts' page from the company you've selected. This includes:

  • Whether an alert is turned on or off

  • The threshold of the alerts

Copying settings for consolidated groups

The 'Copy settings' feature can also be used for consolidated groups. You can copy from:

  • Consolidation to consolidation

  • Individual company to consolidation

  • Consolidation to an individual company

When Chart of Accounts settings are copied to a consolidated group, the account classifications in the consolidation will never be changed. The consolidation will always reflect the account classifications which have been set in Step 3 of the Settings for the underlying companies in the group. Copying settings from an individual company will not overwrite the classifications already set up in a group.

When copying KPI settings to a group, any custom KPIs must be added to the KPI Library, and to each underlying company in the group. 

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